Montello Foundation is a foundation dedicated to support artists who foster
our understanding of nature, its fragility and our need to protect it.

The stillness you encounter in Montello is one you carry forward it embeds itself within and permeates into the world beyond. Time is weighted differently there offering a quiet form of introspection that can be summoned again from even the busiest city sidewalk long after the desert has been left behind.” 
- Sara Morawetz, resident 2019

We want to express our gratitude to all healthcare workers for their most dedicated work in this situation right now!

Like everybody else we had to react to the current situation, had to adjust our program and could not host our first residents, Saskia Krafft and Gordon Hempton right now. We are looking forward to have the retreat available for them later this year.

While we are planing to have the retreat available for our residency program by mid-May, there is of course no guarantee for this. However, we would like to introduce you the number of exceptional artists we committed ourselves already earlier this year.


The members of the judging panel were Ellen Driscoll (Bard College), Rian Brown-Orso (Oberlin College) and Richard Torchia (Arcadia University).